Industrial Hydro Excavating
Our promise as a contractor is to perform the job you expect in the safest and most cost-effective manner possible.

Hydro Excavation eliminates unintended consequences from projects involving drilling, trenching or excavating.



Hydro Excavation saves time and money compared to hand excavation of telecommunication and other utilities.


The non-destructive nature of Hydro Excavation makes it possible to safely expose power cables without risking any cuts.


Hyrdo Excavation helps safely preserve the underground infrastructure of Oil and Gas lines.


Municipal right-of-ways with congested underground infrastructures are the perfect scenarios for Hydro Excavation.


Down time and delays are avoided by quickly and safely exposing underground pipes while negating any damage risks.


Damage to pipes carrying toxic chemicals is a huge safety risk. Hydro Excavation takes the danger out of the job.


Safety is our highest priority

Industrial Hydro Excavating places the highest priority on safety. Employees are certified in many safety programs and IHE is an industry leader in training initiatives for employees.  The company also complies with several additional safety policies that are not mandated by the state.

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We're local and know the area

We are locally owned and based out of St Marys, Ohio. We know the western Ohio region well. While there are other options out there, you won’t find another local company. Most are headquartered in other states with satellite offices in the area.

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Dependability and quality equipment

The IHE work ethic is second to none and we’re here when you need us. We are passionate, honest and dependable. Our state-of-the-art fleet of trucks are kept in pristine condition and can get the job done when you need it most.

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